So what is Reiki??

Reiki has stood the test of time and is one of the oldest forms of hands on healing which comes from Japan and is an ancient healing art. Reiki channels universal life energy through the hands of the practitioner into the body of the receiver.  We are all made of energy as is everything around us and like a warm stone being able to warm a cold hand, energy flows from one object to another.

I have been doing reiki now for a number of years, and incorporate crystals into the healing as well, which aids in balancing the energies of the receiver.  Reiki is very subtle, yet some people who are sensitive can often feel the energy running through their bodies.  By balancing the energy system, you are bringing everything back to normal.  Often though, the person being worked on may have got so used to an unbalanced way of life that it is now a comfortable, yet sometimes very hard way of living.  Once I have determined where the imbalances are, I bring it to the attention of the person as often just acknowledging the issue will bring about change.   Some issues need more in depth counselling and support, which I do together with the reiki, which supports the process.  In the last while, I have been finding the energies coming through in shaking or rocking movements and once the area is balanced they come to a sudden stop.  This shaking adds to the relaxation the person may feel during the session.  I always recommend that a person have at least 3 sessions in succession so that I can support and counsel as the process takes place due to the fact that when change starts to happen, often one will have different experiences.  This is sometimes because deep issues which have been ignored are starting to bubble to the surface and need to be worked with.  Reiki is a great place to start to uncover unresolved issues.

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Love and light



carol goatshed