“SO WHERE TO FROM HERE??” you may be asking yourself…..
Some of the other things you may be saying to yourself and others is……..
I am so stressed
I don’t know which way to go
I need motivation and guidance
I need to take a fresh look
I need to change my life
I am stressed out and can’t concentrate
I don’t know how to sell myself in these new times
I want to explore and share my passions
I want to make a difference
How do I attract and service my clients now
You are probably feeling as if you have been left dangling out on a limb.
These times have brought challenges to many, but you have the choice to stay in the old, knocking on doors that will no longer open, or step into a new reality. We are being forced to look deep within ourselves and uncover our unique gifts to offer as a service.
This may be by transforming your existing business into a new online platform or finding new ways to work, or starting a new service which would not have been possible before. By changing your outlook and seeing all the possibilities that can be open to you, you will see your way forward.
I am offering you a “bridge” into a space where anything is possible and you can create a new reality for yourself and your business if you are open to it. You are not alone.
Testimonials from happy clients……
“Thank you Carol for your guidance, creative ideas and inspired thinking about how to adopt my business strategies during this time. You have an easy to understand insight into online marketing and technology, and such a cool way of teaching them! Appreciate your help!” Sonja
To all those running a small business, this is a very overwhelming time with the coronavirus and the lockdown where our businesses have had to stop and most of us have not had any income for the past month.
It is very stressful and overwhelming but its forcing us to re-look at the way we do things.
I had a mental block for quite some time, and did not know which way to turn. I felt totally frozen.
Now I have moved into some action – planning, mind mapping, talking to others.
Carol from Heartbizz has helped me enormously to open my thought pattern, and move away from the old and into the new.
It’s not been an easy process but I have now learnt new skills in technology, to do online training.
While I’m still nervous and worried, I have readjusted our training programs and our business for this new normal ahead, and for the first time in the lockdown – for my business – I can see a bit of light ahead and I’m feeling hopeful about the new changes.”  Jo – TDF training
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