reflexologyIf you haven’t had a sole reiki session with Melanie, I can highly recommend it.  It is a combination of reflexology and energy balancing.  I always seem to feel energy flowing more through the feet than the rest of my body and with Melanie, even more so.  While she is working with the feet she receives intuitive messages as to what the particular issues which are causing  energy blockages are, and then with reiki clears these blockages.  It is a relaxing and nurturing experience.  Thanks Melanie!!!


Various forms of Energy balancing offered by Melanie

This is a gentle, hands-on procedure designed to balance the energy centres in the body.
The experience is highly relaxing. The client remains fully clothed while the practitioner uses light touch on the back and feet to rebalance the energy centres.
Combined with energy reflexology, this is a powerful modality to release energy flow and re-energise the client.
Energy balancing can benefit people of all ages and is very successful with animals.

  • Sole-Reiki Energy reflexology, or Sole-Reiki, blends two powerful healing tools: foot reflex therapy and reiki.
  • Clearing and repatterning (energy kinesiology)
  • Metamorphic (pre-birth clearing)

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Melanie Silberbauer

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