At Souls-truth you will be able to connect with the truth of who you are in order to help you along your life’s path. This connection is facilitated through vibrational healing, energy balancing, guided meditation, visualisation, intuitive numerology and astrology personal and spiritual counselling, support and mentoring as well as time out in nature. Various healing packages and retreats are available

My spiritual journey began 12 years ago with a driver crashing his vehicle into the back of mine, resulting in minor whiplash which led me to having my first Body Stress Release session. The practitioner I went to, after telling her about the rather painful divorce I had gone through and that I was battling to get direction in my life, suggested I see a healer in Somerset West to gain some clarity. The Healer performed energy healing on me and told me that within a few years, I would be working in the esoteric way and advised me to read Louise Hay’s “You can heal your life” and to do a Reiki course. At that stage I had no idea what esoteric meant, or Reiki for that matter, but pursued them anyway. Needless to say, 11 years on, I have completed numerous courses such as Natural Medicine, Herbalism, Iridology, basic Counselling, Reiki 1 & 2, Crystal Healing, Astrology, Tarot, Numerology and Human Design System, to name a few.

I opened a small esoteric shop and centre called “Crystals and Coffee” in 2007, offering people spiritual and empowering workshops, talks and classes, as well as various therapies and angel readings and was a partner in organising and starting the Helderberg Holistic Fayre.  At Crystals and Coffee, I  personally offered Crystal, Energy Healing and Balancing, Spiritual Counselling, Personal Counselling, Meditation, various workshops, talks and open days. Since then, I have been gathering information on how people think and behave caused by various trauma’s or challenges in their lives and have found that I am able to tap into people’s potentials which they are not always aware of themselves.

I decided to close Crystals in Coffee to explore various other businesses and career options, which gave me a wide knowledge on the business front. i.e  manageress of a Health and Beauty House,  manageress of a guest house and co-ordinating of events and property and rental agent.  I was once again drawn back to my first love, helping and facilitating people in finding their passions, spiritual path or starting up their own business or bringing creative ideas to their existing businesses. This led me to start Heartbizz in 2011, which offers a platform of advertising and promotion to other holistic therapists, creative artists, natural products and heart based businesses under one umbrella.

On 22 April this year, I launched my Healing and Mentoring practice in a Consultation Cabin on my property in Somerset West, called “SoulsTruth”. I have always felt a strong pull towards nature and feel that when one is stuck or in need of direction, going back to nature, or getting back to basics is a great way to re-evaluate your way forward.  I feel that “ My SoulsTruth” is to facilitate and mentor others to find their passions and to connect with their “Souls’ Purpose”.

What do I offer at SoulsTruth?

At SoulsTruth you will be able to connect with the ‘truth of who you are’ in order to help you along your Life’s Path. This connection is facilitated by me through:

  • Vibrational Energy Healing
  • Personal & Spiritual Mentoring,
  • Numerology/Astrology soul readings
  • Creative Business mentoring for anyone looking to start their own business or needing a creative boost or new energy for an existing one.

Creative Business Mentoring offers the following:

New Businesses

  • Creative mind mapping and evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, passions and natural abilities
  • Naming your business, your service or product, what makes it unique, your target market, goals
  • Your business plan, financial availability, domain names, website options
  • How and where to advertise, promote and market your business
  • Support, mentoring and goal setting once you start your new business
  • The option of advertising on the Heartbizz website to gain further exposure
  • Regular Heartbizz advertiser meetings to meet other business owners and to keep motivated.

Existing Businesses

  • Creative mind mapping and evaluating your existing business for fresh ideas or a change in direction.
  • Social media advertising, promotion and marketing plans
  • Regular support, mentoring and goal setting to keep your goals on track
  • The option of advertising on the Heartbizz website to gain further exposure
  • Regular Heartbizz advertiser meetings to meet other business owners to to keep motivated.

At SoulsTruth, I guide  and mentor business people to run their businesses in an ethical and honest way and to keep a check on whether they are working with their natural abilities and passions or against to ensure their businesses success.  In business, as in life, it is necessary to do “check-ins”, as life is all about change, and ones’ needs and goals may change once you have completed certain aspects of your life’s journey.

Cost:  R300 per session

Numerology/Astrology Soul Readings Numerology is a wonderful way of getting to know yourself. It began when life began i.e. 1, and then 2 and then 3 etc. The numbers 1 through 9 symbolize the stages through which an idea or area of your life must pass before it is realised. All manifestation is the result of these nine stages. It is all in the timing.

Astrology offers a confirmation of the numbers in your name and birthdate. Astrology shows you how to fulfil your soul’s purpose, karmic lessons, how you present yourself to the world, your interaction with others, your ambition or road to success, your inner self, your strengths and weakness and so much more.

I combine Numerology and Astrology in a soul reading and also bring aspects of the Tarot in to explain or get the feel for the various numbers that are presented through numerology. These powerful tools are the blueprint for your souls purpose. These readings are interactive and also take on a mentoring role to assist the client with a way forward.

Book a numerology/astrology soul reading (accurate time of birth is necessary for the astrology, but enough information can be gleaned from the numerology should it not be available).

Requirements for a reading:

  • Date of Birth
  • Full birth name
  • Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth

A reading is about 90 minutes in duration.

Cost: R400

Personal and spiritual mentoring is about investigating and discussing the issues the client is dealing with and finding solutions or goals to bring about effective and positive change. We are spiritual beings so working on a personal level automatically brings about working on a spiritual level. We explore belief systems, past issues, traumas, addictive behaviour, relationship problems and fears in order to understand negative or self sabotaging habits or patterns blocking ones path forward.

I may incorporate the following in a session:

  • Visualisations
  • Creative mind mapping or goal setting
  • body dreaming
  • creative vision quests
  • numerology/astrology/tarot
  • energy healing
  • nature walks incorporating meditation
  • Soul connection meditation
  • journaling and creative writing

Cost: R400 per session, usually lasting from 60 – 90 minutes

What a client can experience in a vibrational healing session:

  • The client sets an intention for that session i.e. what issue are you wishing to gain clarity on?
  • I check the energy of each of the chakras at that time, which gives support in understanding the basis of that particular issue.
  • I continue with the healing by placing my hands on the areas I am guided to during the session. I experience vibrational energy coming through my body into my hands, which is transferred to the clients’ energy system. Sometimes the energy can be quite intense, sometimes gentle and sometimes tapping or rubbing.
  • During this time I will receive messages or visual images which I share with the client to aid them in getting answers to their intention
  • If necessary, and if the client has received messages or visions during the healing, I allow them time to draw and record them so that they have a visual representation to work with after the session.
  • In the days following the session, it is advisable to work with whatever has come up and allow the energy to flow as shifts have taken place and need time to process.
  • Making note of dreams and symbols  is also important to receive the guidance that has been asked for.
  • A session can take anything from 45 minutes to 90minutes depending on how long I am guided to do the healing.
  • I advise my clients that the process may take more than one session to manifest and often find it necessary to recommend further healing or mentoring to bring about completion.

Cost:  R400 per session


Business Boost package

3 x weekly sessions

First session: First impression on site, evaluation of what is or isn’t working, where do you want to go, what needs to change. Goal setting for the week ahead and end goal.

Second Session: Check in on previous weeks tasks and any changes or shifts. Brainstorm further creative ideas and your personal strengths and weaknesses. Revisit the end goal. Set goals for the week ahead.

Third Session: Check in on previous weeks tasks. On site meeting to evaluate changes. Discuss final plans ahead and final goal and any work with any other relevant issues.

Ideal for anyone who feels like their business needs a creative boost or change in direction or for anyone who has a business idea and wants to implement it.

Cost: R850

Soulstruth Course – Metaphysics 101

A course which spans over a period of 8 weeks. This course is a hands-on and practical experience of getting in touch with your soul in your own way by learning to read the signs, trusting your instinct and intuition and learning to use various tools to help you along your spiritual path.
Module 1:
Meditation, the power of dreams, how to interpret your dreams, learning to trust your intuition and body dreaming
Module 2:
The psychology of the chakras and the energy system, auras, sensing and feeling energy, how to use a pendulum.
Module 3:
Crystals. Which crystals to use in the home and in your environment, Crystal properties, Clearing your home. Crystals for healing.
Module 4:
Connecting with your guides, angels and the higher realms and learning to trust the process
Module 5:
Basic astrology, understanding your chart, the various signs, houses and planets.
Module 6:
Numerology and your divine triangle. Understanding yourself through the numbers and your major and minor cycles.
Module 7:
Basic tarot. The Major Arcana, understanding the different suits through the astrological elements, numbers and intuition.
Module: 8:
Soul vision quest in nature and creative vision board.

SoulsTruth offers a safe space to grow your spiritual being and the course is held in the healing cabin at the bottom of the garden.
Each module takes approximately 2 to 3 hours and will be held once weekly.
Cost: R1600.00

Testimonial from Joanne

I experienced a powerful healing session with Carol recently, which has helped me tremendously. I came to Carol initially with stress and sleep issues, as well as changes in work, along with a strong need to find a balanced way forward through a transition phase in my life.
This is my experience.

As soon I lay on the bed in Carol’s calm and soothing healing room and Carol began, I immediately experienced a strong sensation, like I was being rocked in a very purposeful and focussed way. Initially I felt mild alarm at the unexpectedness of it, but because I felt so calm and relaxed at the same time, I had a wonderful feeling of being protected and taken care of, a very pleasant feeling. The intensity subsided, while the warm protected feeling continued, and I became so relaxed that I could feel myself slipping more and more into a totally relaxed state, almost to the point of falling asleep. Towards the end, I felt some emotion well up and a brief moment of tearfulness which vanished as I sat up.

Then I went outside to Carol’s special healing tent in the garden and lay down, spent and content to be alone. Tears flowed and memories came flooding back, and I made notes. Then I just relaxed and felt comforted in the womb-like energy of the tent and garden.

I experienced a down feeling for a day or two afterwards, which I now realise was a period of releasing that took place and allowed me to acclimatise to what had taken place. It also made me realise that the energy and healing and releasing was more powerful than I thought, so it is vital to allow for a few days after the healing to adapt. A couple of weeks later, I felt much more focused and lighter, and work and opportunities began to emerge. It literally feels as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

I have the utmost respect and gratitude for the release I felt through Carol’s healing and can recommend that anyone who is having difficulty emotionally, mentally or in any area of their lives, experience this healing. It provides the release necessary to move through a period in your life when you most need it.

Testimonial from Lemar Chester

Last week was an Icky one.. I couldn’t seem to find my motivation, much less my brain, and words like enthusiasm and excitement had definitely left for greener pastures. So I did what any sane person would do..I called the expert! Thankfully Carol was able to squeeze me in late Wednesday afternoon and I happily placed my sad self into her capable hands. A bit of crystal magic, Reiki, some sympathy and sage advice and, oh what a difference an hour can make! I felt much calmer, more centred and ready to step back into my life with a smile on my face! Enthusiasm and motivation have returned..although we’re still trying to locate my brain..and things are on the move again. Thanks Carol, you’re a blessing!! Xx Lemar

Testimonial from Robyn Hertog – Holistic, Intuitive Masseuse

This special lady is definately inspiring… she is the reason that I plucked up my courage and delved into my gift of touch. Without her encouragement, guidance and friendship I would probably still be sitting up on a cloud 🙂 Anyone needing some guidance, whether it be personal or business… she’s the lady! – Robyn

Testimonial from Joanne Jardine – Inter-personal relations Analyst

  • you are a brilliant business coach
  • you are great at focussing, directing and guiding your clients (and me of course)
  • you are great at understanding a person’s core issues
  • you are great at recognising a person’s talents and gifts
  • supportive role
  • empathetic guidance
  • firm, honest help & support
  • wisdom, creativity
  • nurturing, nurturing, nurturing, WOW!!!!
  • great at seeing one’s strengths and weaknesses
  • brilliant networking ability, organising ability

Basically I want to say 3 things:

  1. You got out the best out of me by the way you went about identifying what I am about and what I really want to do.
  2. Your step by step practical advice and support every week, gets me focussed and motivated
  3. The fact that I know there is someone out there who sees the potential in me, and that I know I am in good hands, and there is just the knowledge and security that with you ‘holding my hand’ (or kicking my arse in the nicest way!!!) I know I can succeed.

This ability you have is a gift, and your talents are very real and very valuable resources! “Carol is a wonderful, gifted business coach, who provided me with much needed focus and direction regarding my career goals. Because of her innate understanding of human nature, together with her wise, pragmatic manner and invaluable business experience, she was able to pinpoint my strengths and link them into a cohesive blueprint. With her supportive guidance and infinite patience, Carol has harnessed my talents, personality and core business identity. Her amazing ability to network, in conjunction with her step by step practical goal setting, has enabled me to expand my work and has opened many doors. I recommend Carol to anyone out there who would like to start their own business, or take their business/work/ to a new level. – Joanne Jardine – Inter-personal Relation Analyst

Testimonial from Lemar Chester – Specialised Kinesiologist

I’ve known Carol Joao for several years now and she is, in my opinion, exactly what a business woman and personal coach should be…honest, reliable, hardworking and resourseful. She is unfailingly supportive and encouraging, has solid, practical ideas and advice and is not shy to give me a gentle, loving kick up the backside when its needed – something I very much value! She has spent many an hour with me; brainstorming, helping me to discover where i want to go with my business (and personal life) and how i want to get there, helping me put plans in place and always being there to support when the wheels come off. I have recently signed on as one of her bb’s and am very pleased to have her guiding me in this minefield called marketing…designing logos, advertising, social media and creating awareness – all things in which i am horribly unskilled – are now seeming do-able and attainable – Thank you Carol! – Lemar Chester – Specialised Kinesiologist

Carol has been invaluable at helping me market my small business, as well as providing encouragement and support along with practical advice. – Vanessa Service Category: marketing Year first hired: 2013 Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

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