Everybody can breathe and everybody knows a variety of breathing techniques but for the most part we often forget to utilise these simple techniques for our wellbeing.

Stress Buster

Deep abdominal breathing

  • Lack of oxygen can be the cause of exhaustion, fatigue and stress as well as many other ailments.
  • Deep breathing aids in relaxation, wellbeing, increase in mental clarity & physical energy and relieving stress.
  • Lie down or sit comfortably with a straight spine.

Activate the Diaphragm

  • Give yourself a good firm rub in the hollow on the sternum where the ribs meet and the triangle just below all the way back up the sternum to the collar bone. The shape is an inverted Y.
  • Repeat several times up and down.
  • This helps to relax the diaphragm and  prepares it for deep breathing which it important to use for full abdominal breathing.
  • Place your hand gently over your abs to monitor the rise and fall of abdomen.
  • Push your tummy out as far as possible, then squeeze it back in toward your spine.
  • This is just to help get the full motion going…repeat several times initially.
  • Now while slowly inhaling through the nose draw the breath into the lower abdomen, allowing tummy to push out.
  • Do not raise your chest or shoulders. Chest will rise automatically and gently on its own.
  • When exhaling blow the breath out slowly through a relaxed open mouth and squeeze tummy backward the spine.
  • This allows maximum breath to be drawn into the lungs and by squeezing back allows the lungs to empty completely.

This simple breathing exercise is called Square Breathing – each to the count of 4 seconds

Start by emptying lungs completely, blowing out slowly through the mouth (squeezing tummy to spine)

1. Inhale through nose to the count of four (raising abdomen)

2. Hold the breath – to count of four

3. Exhale completely – to the count of four (squeeze in)

4. Keep lungs empty – to count of four

  • Start cycle again repeating 5-10 times.
  • Do this as often as you like throughout the day, especially when stressed, before sleeping and meditation.
  • This can really be done anytime and anywhere, in the car, in queues, wherever.
  • If you are very stressed put the tips of all fingers and thumbs together and push firmly while holding the breath, relax when exhaling, repeating several times.
  • If very tense and restless before sleep, do the breathing and go through whole body, one area at a time starting at feet.
  • Inhale – tense feet (for 4), exhale – relax. Inhale tense calves exhale – relax. Continue up through knees, thighs, lower abs, buttocks, lower back, chest, upper back, shoulders, neck, upper arms, forearms, hands, to face including, eyes, jaw, cheeks.
  • Finish off with tensing whole body on inhale, relaxing whole body on exhale.
  • One can give the verbal command to “Relax” on the exhale.
  • For calming and relaxing and also before sleep, you can use, say and think and breathe “Ice Blue”.
  • This is one of Dr Hew Lens Ho’opponopono healing statements.

Rainbow breathing

  • Any colours can be breathed in as well but remember the warmer colours like reds and oranges are stimulating so you don’t want to be using those at night unless you need energy to go to a party or something.
  • You can do rainbow breathing using the full colour spectrum one colour at a time into the body and then radiating it out into the aura.
  • Finish with shimmery white and then encasing that in a gold, platinum or magenta boundary, like an egg or bubble around the body.
  • Drop a grounding cord into the earth to anchor this.
  • You can increase by 1 second each week for square breathing.
  • Once completely comfortable you can try different breathing ratios;
  • In 2, hold 8, out 4, hold 8
  • In 3, hold 12, out 6, hold 12
  • In 4, hold 16, out 8, hold 16
  • Or just stick with what is most comfortable for you.


  • Initially deep breathing can cause dizziness because of unaccustomed increase of oxygen to the brain.
  • It will pass, just go slow.
  • If you are too tense or push too hard its possible you may also experience palpitations, just relax and reduce the seconds to 2 slowly increasing when you can.

Tummy Tuck Breathing

  •  Everyone want a nice firm tum.
  • This technique firms and tightens tummy muscles that have become lax.
  • I have given this exercise to guys with ‘boeps’ and there has been a remarkable tightening of the muscles over time.
  • This also helps with low back pain as the abdominals become firmer.
  • This is best done lying down either with knees up or a pillow under the thighs and a small cushion under the head if you like.


  • Start by rubbing the sternum.
  • Also squeeze pinch rub or pound with a closed fist the insides of the thighs for the Abdominals.
  • The basic square breathing technique is exactly the same.. except once all the breath has been expelled through a relaxed open mouth… and it feels as if there is no more air to expel imagine you are blowing out a candle with pursed lips.
  • The relaxed out breath tucks in the lower abdominals
  • And the candle blow tucks in the upper and the diaphragm
  • Put your hand there and feel how those muscles tighten.
  • So inhale fully to a count of 4
  • As you start to exhale for 4 raise the shoulders slightly up off the bed, just about a hands width, try not to use the neck at all.
  • At the end of the lift blow out your imaginary candle.
  • Feel the tuck.
  • Try hold here for a count of 4.
  • Inhale as you relax back.
  • Repeat 10 times building up to what is most comfortable for you.
  • You can also do this in a sitting or even standing position.
  • Thinking & breathing warm red-ish orangey colours just into fatty tissue areas but avoiding the organs, are stimulating and aid in speeding up metabolism and waste in the cells.

With luvlite & radiant blessings


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