Kefir granules

I was given some kefir by a friend of mine and have noticed some great health benefits since I have been drinking it.  Firstly, I normally suffer terribly from hayfever at this time of the year, but seem to have been spared this year, with everyone around me snuffling, sneezing and coughing, and all I am experiencing is the occasional sneeze and and itchy nose at times.  It’s almost miraculous, as I dreaded spring every year and wouldn’t dare go out into the garden.  This year seems particularly bad with the allergies, and I can only think that the kefir has had something to do with me not being affected.  Secondly, my constitution is as regular as clockwork, which wasn’t normally the case and can also be attributed to the kefir.

I use it in different ways i.e.  drink it on it’s own (it is quite pleasant to drink once you get used to it and almost has a tingly taste to it), must be those little pro-biotic guys  that make it taste alive.  I add it to muesli, use it as a base for smoothies to which I add bananas, cabbage, spinach leaves and herbs (from my garden)  and spices to give me an extra boost of vitamins and minerals.  I also add it to salad dressings, and pour it over curries and stews for a creamier taste.

How to grow kefir?

Place the kefir grains in a glass jar and fill with milk (cows milk, almond milk, goats milk, whatever your preference) and close with lid.  Keep in room temperature.

Depending on the weather the milk should take about a day or two to start seperating, which will indicate that it is ready.

The kefir grains will continue to grow over time, which will enable you to divide it and add to other bottles or share with friends.

Put the yoghurt in the fridge to use and start the process again.  NB –  kefir does not like metal, so use a plastic spoon to scoop it out.

The benefits of drinking Kefir

Kefir is known to regulate the immune system, to promote production of bile, to provide natural protection against diseases, to improve blood circulation, to regulate cholesterol and sugar levels, to regulate blood pressure, to strengthen the kidneys, to slow down aging and many more. It is excellent nourishment for the elderly, pregnant and nursing women, kids and those who are immunocompromised. It targets almost all our body system and is known to treat numerous disorders:

  • Respiratory disorders: tuberculosis, acute bronchitis
  • Cardiovascular disorders: hypertension, anemia
  • Gastrointestinal disorders: ulcer, reflux, gastritis, hepatitis, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, leaky gut syndrome, colon cancer
  • Genitourinary disorders: urinary tract infection, prostate cancer
  • Neurological/Psychological disorder: depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), migraine
  • Dermatological disorders: eczema, acne, allergies, psoriasis
  • Musculoskeletal disorders: arthritis, gout, osteoporosis, rheumatism

Although some of these health claims are still under research, most of them are from personal experiences of kefir drinkers.

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