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Melanie practises in Somerset West and offers all the modalities in English and Afrikaans.

My Background

Balancing my time as internal communication manager for a multi-national company with a passion for wellness and natural body-mind solutions, I began my formal studies in integrated and holistic bodywork in 1999. This led to practitioner qualifications in Sole-Reiki, (energy reflexology), Rebalancing bodywork as well as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I subsequently completed certification as NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and NLP Coach and also qualified as a certified practitioner of Ericksonian hypnotherapy and Energy Re-sourcing TM. In 2008 I bade the corporate world farewell to focus fully on my clients.
In 2010 I discovered TRE – Stress and Trauma Releasing exercises and trained with the originator, Dr David Berceli. TRE allows the body to complete stress cycles that are still held in the body and allows the body in its entirety to release cellular memory, without re-associating into the trauma or stressful events. Using the various modalities, I help my clients to remember their state of balance – where mind, body and spirit are in harmony. “There is no need to run outdoors for better seeing, rather abide at the centre of your being” ~ part of a quotation by Lao Tzu

Certified Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner and NLP Life-Balance Coach
Certified practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Energy balancing
Certified practitioner of rebalancing bodywork
Certified practitioner of Sole-Reiki (energy reflexology)
Certified TRE Level 2 practitioner
Reiki MasterBA Communications degree – 25 years of experience in interpersonal and corporate communications


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The Neuro part of NLP refers to our neurological system and the way we use our five senses to translate our experience into thought processes – both conscious and unconscious. It highlights the way in which everything is part of the same whole – literally, as we speak, so we feel and we act.
Linguistic refers to how we both create and reveal to ourselves and others our unique model of the world, the way we think about it, and the way in which we experience it.
Programming refers to the specific steps we go through to achieve the effects we get.
In NLP we work from the premise that we are all much more than we think we are. Using NLP methodologies, the practitioner can help the client to discover his or her unexplored – or merely forgotten – resources.
NLP is offered in both English and Afrikaans.
Price: R490 per hour


Life-balance coaching

What is coaching?
Coaching helps you to identify self-limiting beliefs or practices and behavioural patterns that do not serve you any more. Over a period of 6 to 10 sessions, you and the coach work together to change and re pattern these and focus clearly on your desired outcome.
Life-balance coaching uses the principles of NLP, including Quantum Physics, to help the client find untapped inner resources to create balance in their lives.
Who can benefit from coaching?
People whose lives feel unfocused, who are experiencing mental or emotional blocks or are hampered by recurring self-limiting behavioural patterns. Coaching has been successful with non-dietary related weight-loss.
Price: minimum of 4 sessions- R500 per hour


Rebalancing bodywork

Rebalancing bodywork is a deep tissue massage. Using slow sweeping movements, the fascia is palpated allowing chronic muscular holding patterns to free up, creating an appropriate balance from front to back, between the two sides, and the top and bottom halves of the body.
Once balanced, the body is capable of allowing the free flow of feeling and energy, creating a balanced state.
Price: R550 – 1 ½ hours
R660 – 2 hours

Energy Balancing

Energy balancing

This is a gentle, hands-on procedure designed to balance the energy centres in the body.
The experience is highly relaxing. The client remains fully clothed while the practitioner uses light touch on the back and feet to rebalance the energy centres.
Combined with energy reflexology, this is a powerful modality to release energy flow and re-energise the client.
Energy balancing can benefit people of all ages and is very successful with animals.
Sole-Reiki Energy reflexology, or Sole-Reiki, blends two powerful healing tools: foot reflex therapy and reiki.
Price:R450 – 1 hour

Clearing and repatterning (energy kinesiology)
Price:R500 – 1 hour

Metamorphic (pre-birth clearing)
Price:R450 – 1 hour


Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE)

What is TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises)?
Devised by Dr David Berceli, TRE, through specific exercises, initiates the body’s natural tremoring mechanism in response to stress and trauma. TRE is safe, easy to do, does not involve talking about the trauma and restores Autonomic Nervous System to balance within three months.
Our bodily response to stress is to fight, flee, or freeze. When we experience trauma, or unrelenting daily stressors, our sympathetic nervous system takes on the task of protecting us from danger and our limbic, or primitive brain, is triggered to do its job.
TRE is designed to reintroduce our natural healing mechanisms so we can release accumulated tension. The 6-week facilitated programme will equip you with the tools to continue with your practice at home.
TRE is organic, easy and safe to use with families, the elderly and children.
Who can benefit from TRE?
Anyone from the age of five to the elderly who have experienced trauma and those who experience daily stress. TRE facilitates the release of both physical and emotional trauma.
TRE works for:
Acute physical and emotional trauma, chronic tension and accumulated daily stress.
TRE is enhanced by:
Life-coaching, counselling, bodywork such as chiropractic, massage and acupuncture, BodyTalk and ozone therapy. All movement therapies such as Nia, yoga, tai-chi and qi-gong.
Although no research has proven any contra-indications, you are advised not to do TRE if pregnant, have deep open wounds or have had recent surgery. Allow physical wounds to heal before signing up.
What to expect during the session/s:
First session (1,5 hours): The principles behind TRE are explained, your presenting issues are discussed and the exercises are demonstrated before you experience the neurogenic tremoring process.
Sessions 2 – 6 (1 hour): Client checks in before the session starts followed by a debrief. Depending on the readiness of the client, he/she will be able to practise TRE at home in between facilitated sessions.

Bookings and cost:

After the client has experienced TRE for the first time, the additional five weekly sessions are scheduled.
(First session R450, follow up sessions R400/HR)

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression – visiting the life between lives

 Over time I have become more and more interested in what happens in the “space in between” – that space between lives where we know so well what our soul purpose is and what we have chosen to do in this lifetime.

That led me to another qualification in Past life regression through SAMHA – The South African Modern Hypnosis Academy – to help clients remember their soul purpose and the gifts and skills they have brought with them to fulfil this journey on earth.

The session is focused on finding answers to issues pertinent to your life right now while you are in a highly relaxed state. The special part is to meet your guides and members of your soul group, should it be relevant to your intention.

The session lasts about 1,5 hours and is recorded for your later use.

Cost: R1 200.

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Melanie is a ray of light with an extraordinary gift of healing, coupled with an understanding and compassionate nature. I felt safe right from the start and with her amazing intuition and obvious close connection to Source, we quickly identified the core of my blockage, which could then be dealt with and resolved immediately. Melanie’s gentle, but powerful healing abilities is also evident in the TRE workshops that she facilitates. She holds a sacred space for each of the participants, guiding and supporting their process, yet also brought an unexpected sense of humour,that had the class in stitches often. I see Melanie as a little Being of happy, graceful energy and often find just standing close to her already makes me feel better… – Sonja

I have known Melanie for a number of years and have experienced various aspects of her work e.g massage, counselling and TRE. In all aspects she is wonderfully caring and nurturing and with her years of experience and natural ability she helps one get to the root of an issue and gently guides one to see the light at the end of the tunnel with great encouragement and support. A great healer and colleague…… – Carol

I have had regular sessions with Melanie over time and have also had the privilege of experiencing a number of the modalities she uses. Whatever the method, her integrity and desire to truly assist in the healing process on all levels coupled with her professional approach and incredible ability to hold the space have made her a wonderful ally. She has often given beyond expectation and just happens to be one of the most interesting people I know. Anyone needing intuitive energy work or just a balancing massage would greatly benefit from a visit with her – Natanya x