My Background

“In 2007 I lost someone extremely close to me through very tragic circumstances. My journey towards healing started me on a path of growth and transformation. I enrolled at SACAP and did a certificate course in counselling specialising in Trauma and Loss followed by a course in bereavement support through Hospice. Believing that we also need to release trauma on a physiological level I decided to train to become a TRE (Tension and trauma release exercises) practitioner and successfully completed the level 2 certificate which qualifies me to work with individuals and groups. Other courses/workshops I have done along the way which all support the work I do are; Quantum energy coaching which helps people to change limiting belief patterns, Touch for TRE which is a course supporting TRE practitioners in body interventions, family constellations, storytelling and mirroring, shamanic breathwork, EFT (Emotional Freedom technique) and recently I participated in a Vision Quest, an eleven day program including 4 days and nights on your own in the mountains, which was a profound and illuminating journey!

Journeys of another kind during my healing, took me on a spiritual quest to Peru and Bolivia and on a cycling trip though the Himalayas of India. This was aside from the annual cycling trips I organise every year to explore different parts of South Africa and the many mountain bike stage races I have competed in. My love of physical challenges and journeying and my interest in transformative work, are strong threads that run through my life. I am excited by the idea of intertwining the journeying and the healing so that one supports the other. I like to offer another option to conventional counselling, of ‘counselling on the move’ – which could involve anything from walking the labyrinth on my property or following a trail in a nature reserve, to a walking or cycling journey of a few days.

I feel and trust that my life’s path has been leading me towards this – to support people in healing and readjusting to life after experiencing trauma, and to empower them to find meaning and hope. I firmly believe that traumatic events can act as catalysts for positive change.”

“The privilege we have after experiencing trauma is that we get the chance to remake our lives; we can build beautiful structures, or we can huddle in the ashes. The choice is ours.” (Rape survivor)


As a qualified counsellor (SACAP), I focus on helping you to find hope and make meaning out of traumatic and life changing events. I am passionate about our search for self-understanding and transformation, and I like to use movement, breath work and the concept of journeying in my therapy sessions. I have a special interest in using the wilderness as our teacher. As an extension to conventional counselling, I offer ‘healing in nature’ which can involve walking the labyrinth on my property or a stroll through the nature reserve, to a walking or cycling journey of a few days.
Cost: R350 per hour & R450 for 1.5 hours


Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE)
TRE is a body centred approach that helps you to release deep chronic tension created during traumatic events, prolonged stress or emotional life changes. Through a series of safe and easily learnt exercises I will guide you to activate ‘neurogenic tremors’ which is your body’s natural and innate way to return the body back to balance and a sense of calm. This can be achieved through one-on-one consultations with me or as part of a facilitated group.
Cost: R350 per hour & R450 for 1.5 hours

Quantum Energy Coach

We all have limiting beliefs which interfere with our ability to heal and reach our full potential. Through a process of deep listening and respectful enquiry I will help you to uncover these damaging beliefs and change them at an unconscious level in order to align them with your conscious goals. The QEC process I use will help you to assimilate and integrate these new beliefs to create lasting changes and empower you on your journey of healing.
Cost: R350 per hour & R450 for 1.5 hours

‘Know Me’ facilitator

‘Know me’ is a unique, customisable system of board games that empowers communication, builds trust and transforms relationships. Especially in this age of computers and cell phones, ’Know Me’ encourages people to really talk to each other and allows participants to ‘be heard’ in a fun, non-threatening way. I distribute and facilitate the playing of the games in business and schools and can work with any size group.
Price will be quoted on size of group depending on your requirement.

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I recently attended Viv’s 6 week TRE Introduction Course and have been attending her TRE weekly maintenance classes. They have been very beneficial and I have thoroughly enjoyed them.
Viv has a lovely way of facilitating her classes with just the right amount of sensitivity, seriousness and humour. She has a lot of life experience and a great depth to her to which comes out in her work. I am very pleased that Tree House is hosting this transformational course with such a professional facilitator – Faye Townsend, owner of Tree House, a holistic centre in Somerset West.