‘Know me’ is a unique, customisable system of board games that empowers communication, builds trust and transforms relationships. Especially in this age of computers and cell phones, ’Know Me’ encourages people to really talk to each other and allows participants to ‘be heard’ in a fun, non-threatening way. I distribute and facilitate the playing of the games in business and schools and can work with any size group.

The KnowMe™  games are an award-winning suite of board games for establishing trust and building relationships. These powerful training tools have been used in over 20 countries  by a wide range of organizations including major corporations, schools  and youth groups.

KnowMe™  games are based on the Disclosure/Feedback model of awareness known as the Johari Window,  named after Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham. There are games specifically designed for the workplace and for youth groups.

Corporate games: The KnowMe™  Master game lays the foundation for ongoing relationships based on mutual trust and open communications. Issues that are addressed in other games include teambuilding, diversity, organizational assessment,  career management, quality and service, and change and transformation.

Youth games: The Youth Master game enables players to encounter one another as  individuals and to understand other players in terms of their personal values, views and experiences, rather than their status, race, gender, or any other form of group membership. Other games tackle issues  such as diversity, the environment and substance abuse.

The KnowMe™  games have proved such a success because they address real situations.  As the players deal with these issues together they learn to improve  their communication skills, build trust within the group and develop  their own self-esteem.

The success of an organization is dependent on its people and how they interact with each another. KnowMe™ games enhance the effectiveness of participants’ interactions, enabling  them to work as a team to overcome problems.

Price will be quoted on size of group depending on your requirement.

Viv RoutledgeViv-Routledge

Trauma Counsellor – TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) – Quantum Energy Coach – Know Me Facilitator “

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