One of the training options Heartbizz offers is Waitress Training.  Together with Jo of TDF Training, we have formulated a course which spans over two sessions of +- 2 hours each.  This training may include the following but can be suited to your the restaurants requirements:

Client & Customer expectations

Management expectations and requirements

Public Relations – First Impressions and image

Customer service

Relationship training

Meet & Greet and Body Language

Waitressing basics and practical training

  • Menu knowledge
  • Better sales
  • Daily specials
  • Serving, clearing and when
  • Drinks

Telephone techniques – Answering the phone and taking orders

Communication skills

Ghost calls

Speaking and voice projection

Stock control tips

General safety issues (kitchen and customers)

Waitressing staff are the face of your restaurant and it is vitally important to ensure that they are properly trained as they are your first connection with your clients.

A happy client tells…..3 other people

An unhappy client tells……11 other people

Invest in your business by ensuring that your staff is well trained….the rest will follow!!

Training can be done on site.




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