By combining your natural abilities and your passions, you will have the completed package to take you forward.

This is a fun and interactive workshop to help you figure out your life’s journey.

You will be able to apply this to all areas of your life.

By having fun and trusting your intuition you will find the answers as you go along.

This workshop incorporates visualisation, creative drawing, numbers, laughter, colour and self exploration


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Payment to be made at time of booking your seat

Love and light


“We choose our life path and set out to attempt to complete what it is that we wrote in our life contract, but so often we lose our way and fail to connect with our soul’s purpose. By connecting and trusting the way forward, it is much easier to complete our contract. One needs to find one’s unique way of connecting, and a facilitator can help you along the way. My passion is developing people and helping them connect with their purpose. I have been fortunate in that I have received many teachings through others, study and learning of various esoteric practices and many personal experiences which have given me a broad knowledge of subjects and understanding of the spiritual path.”