What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient healing art, which channels universal life energy through the hands of a practitioner into the body of a receiver.  Because it is a universal, God-given power, Reiki belongs to anyone who is ready to receive the gift of healing hands.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy.  The universe – the space around us – is filled with endless and inexhaustible energy.  It is this universal, pristine, and productive source of power and energy that also keeps us alive.  Reiki is this natural energy, and it flows through the hands of the Reiki channel in a powerful and concentrated form.

Reiki brings the body and mind into an even balance and works on all levels: the physical, spiritual, emotional and soul level.  Reiki encourages self-healing, strengthens body and soul, opens blocks, balances the chakras, rebuilds harmony and flows in unlimited quantity.  Through Reiki you will experience the blessing of spiritual growth and change.  Reiki is the divine grace of God, an immeasurable gift.

Reactions one may experience during a reiki treatment

Sometimes one may have special sensations during a treatment.  The receiver of Reiki may start to cry or laugh during the treatment, which is a sign of release of energy.  Heat and cold may also be experienced.  Other sensations and reactions which are possible are:  pressure in the head, stings or twitches, emotions, sudden visualisations of light, colours or pictures.

After a treatment, the receiver may experience slight shivers, which will change into  a feeling of warmth.  Urgent need to use the bathroom, hunger or thirst.  Chronic ailments may become worse before healing can take place.  It is advised to drink large amounts of water to aid with the healing process.

In order to have full benefit of Reiki, it is often necessary to receive at least 3 sessions of Reiki.   After several sessions, one may feel full of energy, charged, free of pain, in harmony, relaxed, strengthened, balanced, full of joy and excited to change areas in one’s life.

How do I conduct a Reiki treatment?

When a client comes for a Reiki treatment, I will first do a pendulum check on the energy of each chakra of the body.  Together with chakra enhancing crystals on the relevant chakras I will then balance the chakras by placing my hands on the relevant areas.  Often, either the client or myself  will receive visual pictures or feelings linked to a particular chakra, which we will work through in order to bring about balance.  I will often do a guided visualisation with the client to change the patterning of certain memories which may be blocking the clients ability to go forward.  The session is finished off with grounding the energy system.

I generally recommend that a client do a follow up of at least 3 sessions, depending on the issues at hand in order to see positive results.

Love and light


carol goatshed

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