Time and again I sit with clients who are frustrated with the fact that they are not getting the required inquiries and customers they are wishing for.  A case in point was a discussion I had with a colleague who wished to put out a service for extra lessons for children. She had put out a watsapp flyer message to her contacts and the first thing that struck me on looking at the flyer was that it lacked feeling and “meatiness”.  Her response from the flyer was, which was to be expected, practically nothing.  I honestly told her that unless an advert speaks to me, I am reluctant to follow through on it.  When advertising your business, it is vitally important to bring through something that speaks to your customers and their needs.  When it comes to extra lessons for your child for instance, you are either going to go with a recommendation from someone else, or the advert needs to portray a sense of safety and reliability for your child.  In this case, I would either advise a photograph of the advertiser, or pictures to bring in the service you offer.  A testimonial or link to a website or facebook page is also very important so that people can “check up” on the service offered.  Herewith some more tips on how to advertise or market your business, be it a therapy, service or product:

  • Make whatever you are offering unique to you.
  • Make sure that what you are offering is what you believe in and are passionate about.
  • You may have to overcome the fear of putting your “baby” out there, which can be done with the help of a business coach or consultant.  If you are fearful of rejection, people will pick up on your reticence and will steer clear.
  • Bring through an element of trust with your advertising material.  Colours and feel are important too!!
  • We are moving into a different time of doing business.  It is going to be more from a heart space than the old way of hard sell.  In other words, be yourself and business will flow your way.
  • Do not try and copy others.  If there are other people doing the same thing as you, look at what unique service you can offer, own it and make it yours.  Your unique tools of knowledge, gifts and strengths are your “pot of gold”.
  • You have to put yourself out there on a consistent basis, whether it be networking, social media or connecting with others.  Customers need to see you are here to stay.
  • If you do not have some form of website or internet presence, you are going to be left behind.  Either get a basic website up, or link yourself to a website that will give you good internet coverage.  i.e. Heartbizz
  • Spread your business over all the social media platforms i.e. facebook, twitter, google plus, linkein, pinterest, etc and make each post different and interesting with links back to your website.
  • If you have “social media phobia” get someone to do it for you but ensure that the person or company understands the essence of your business.
  • Always carry business cards with you and ensure that they portray, at a quick glance, what you do.  Ensure that you have links to your website or facebook page on them as well.  Do not hesitate to give out business cards, sometimes customers will keep your card for ages and only use your service down the line.
  • When you are feeling stuck and need help with your vision, employ the services of a business coach or partner to help you through the tough times.
  • Things never stay the same, so be open to revamping and re-evaluating your business on a regular basis.
  • You will grow into your business!! As a tree starts off from a seed, it takes time to grow into its potential.  It requires strong roots and needs to be able to bend and be flexible in strong winds and take the good with the bad…………

Heartbizz offers webpage and social media advertising, as well as business consultations.

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